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Armor Safe Technologies Acquires Namsys' Commercial Self Service Product Line

The Colony, TX, 12th of December, 2006: Namsys' suite of technology, now promoted as Armor's CacheNET™ product family, is designed to serve the cash-management needs of large format retailers, distribution centers, casinos, commercial airlines and other high volume cash-intensive retailers. By adding the CacheNET product family to Armor's indsustry-leading CacheSYSTEM® product family, Armor now offers cash-management solutions for retailers of nearly any size.

Armor will immediately begin the integration of the NamSYS product line into the CacheSYSTEM® business with target completion of the transition 1st quarter of 2007.

The NamSYS products and related NamSYS MCS software will give us access to high volume cash-intensive businesses. We are confident that our proven track record in this market will allow us to grow the sales of the NamSYS product line exponentially. The NamSYS CashNET is an exciting product that allows cash-intensive businesses to deposit up to 150 notes at a time into a 5000 note cassette. Over the next year we will be investing heavily in marketing and engineering to accelerate the momentum NamSYS has created.
— Larry Robinson, President of Armor Safe Technologies

The benefits of the Namsys product line include:

  • Better control of money – Many users receive a return on their investment in less than 12 months due to reduced internal theft and error.
  • Greater accountability - The flexible and powerful reporting system records every transaction by user, time and date, providing a complete audit trail of more than one year of data.
  • Tremendous time savings - The deposit is electronically validated, counted and secured within a cassette that can be taken directly to the bank, saving managers an hour or more on average each and every day – time they can spend making the business run more efficiently and profitably.
  • Increased employee security – Cash exposure is significantly reduced because managers no longer spend hours counting and recounting cash in their office – the deposit is automatically counted.
  • State-of-the-art software – The included software interfaces to POS systems as well as providing notification of key management information via email.

A wide range of businesses are starting to embrace the value of automating the cash handling process at the store level. Additional information on details of future product enhancements will be released soon.

Wendy's International Selects Armor Safe Technologies as Primary Smart Safe Supplier

The Colony, TX, 11th of November, 2006: When Chris Manning, Director of Loss Prevention for Wendy's International, decided he was going to update the Fast Food giant's cash handling system, he and his company carefully analyzed all of the available and upcoming technology that could be used, in search of the solution that would be the best fit for his company.

Armor Safe Technologies and another safe manufacturer were selected from among all of the companies in our industry to move forward with a pilot. Upon the completion of the pilot, Armor Safe Technologies was awarded the opportunity to be the primary safe supplier to Wendy's International. Armor Safe Technologies is deploying its CacheSYSTEM 2400 in approximately 70 percent of Wendy's International's company-owned restaurants.

As the Wendy’s operations team and I explored the existing technologies provided by armored car and safe companies, it became apparent that the solution we were looking for did not yet exist.
The existing technologies and programs fell short because they presented several opportunities for loss during each transaction: store to safe, safe to armored car, armored car to cash vault or bank, and bank to enterprise. These inefficiencies necessitated a new way of thinking about cash handling.
Armor Safe Technologies came up with an intriguing cash management platform, its bill validator safes, which are operated in partnership with the armored car service that, in turn, had a strong banking partner. This provided the platform on which to build a closed-loop cash handling model.
— Chris Manning, Director of Loss Prevention for Wendy's International

Larry Robinson Acquires Armor CacheSYSTEM Product Line From Parent Company

The Colony, TX, 1st of October, 2002: Larry Robinson, president of Armor Safe Technologies, has acquired Armor's CacheSYSTEM product line from its parent company, Phelps-Tointon, Inc. of Greeley, Colorado, effective October 1st, 2002. With the acquisition, Robinson moved the company's operations from Vista, California to Dallas, Texas.