Armor's systems are designed to be accurate and reliable, but should a need arise, we offer 24/7 customer support that has earned the best reputation in the industry. We also provide complete installation and commissioning, exceptional warranties and employee training for your entire team.


Armor often manages the installation details on behalf of our customers, to ensure everything goes smoothly and as scheduled. Let Armor oversee the installation of your next Armor safe and see why so many customers have us manage this for them.

On-Site Training

Allowing Armor to spend time on-site with your team is among the best ways to ensure a seamless transition from your legacy cash management practices to that possible with your new Armor safes. Our courteous and competent trainers are happy to answer every question fully and won't consider their job done until their students' success is assured.

Classroom Training

During rollout projects where a number of a locations in an area are adopting Armor safes at the same time, Armor can arrange classroom training in a central location conveniently accessible by each location's managers. During rollouts, this remote training class for managers is customarily coupled with on-site training for all personnel to further ensure the seamless adoption of this technology.

Project Management

Armor has managed many of the largest cash management projects in the history of our industry. Our experienced trainers and technicians have the skills to make any project a success.

Decommissioning Legacy Safes

Often times, our customers already have a safe in use that needs to be removed when they upgrade to an Armor safe. There is no room for error during this transition, as customers need to use their previous safe right up until the new safe is in their store and ready for use. Armor's on-site trainers can oversee this transition, helping store managers count down their previous safes to get started with a blank slate with their Armor safe. Furthermore, we don't leave our customers with the headache of disposing of their legacy safes; Armor's technicians can manage this for one location or across many locations during a rollout project.

Phone Support

Armor has its own call center located at our headquarters in The Colony, Texas. Our agents on the phone are very knowledgable about our safes and are able to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve the majority of customer issues over the phone without our customers having to wait for a part and technician to arrive onsite.

Field Support

Should an on-site technician be needed in order to replace a part or further diagnose a problem, Armor will dispatch one of our own technicians or work with an Armor-approved technician in your area to resolve your issue. We offer technical support anywhere in the continental US. For international customers, Armor works closely with country partners to ensure our customers anywhere in the world receive an exceptional level of service.