The hotel business is very demanding and competitive.   Hotels come in as many different forms as their guests.  Some hoteliers operate worldwide value-priced accommodations while others run 5 star resort properties with very discerning guests. Still others operate hostels in exotic locations around the world. Despite the differences from one hotel concept to the next, they all have one thing in common – they all handle cash. The hotel’s cash management should be as guest-focused as the hotel’s front end staff.

Hotel operators often find it difficult to accurately and efficiently track cash transactions that originate from various points-of-sale such as the front desk, business centers, beverage counters, spas, garages and so on. Numerous employees throughout the property deal with cash primarily through a manual process. Such manual intervention often causes miscalculation, misplacement or even stealing.

Armor Safe Technologies offers a range of products to help hotels overcome these challenges and focus on the guest. The CacheNET 5000 will track the cash proceeds by employee and department. The CacheSYSTEM 7000 series can issue starting banks for your front end staff.

Put an Armor Safe to work in your properties to manage the cash, and your staff can focus on delighting your guests. Contact us to review your unique requirements.