Integrating an Armor safe into your business can impact your bottom line in a number of different ways.

  • More productive labor - If the managers of your business spend considerable time reconciling cash at the end of each shift or each business day, an Armor safe can dramatically reduce the time previously spent counting and verifying cash by automating away this unproductive burden. Our customers often report labor savings of 2 hours or more per day. This reallocation of unproductive back office labor hours allows your team to spend more time in front of your customers, enhancing customer service and improving the revenue and operations of your business.


  • Deter cash shrinkage from internal theft - An Armor safe is a turn-key cash management system that is flexible enough to adapt to a wide variety of businesses. You'll immediately reduce or eliminate cash shrinkage losses from internal theft.
  • Reduced risk of external theft - Anyone who has experienced a robbery knows just how terrifying it can be. Deploying an Armor safe and adopting our best practices will dramatically reduce the risk of robbery or burglary by deterring would-be criminals from targeting your store.
  • Reduced armored car pickup - For businesses with frequent armored car pickups, an Armor safe can potentially save considerable money by reducing the frequency of armored car pickups. In partnership with participating banks and armored car services, an Armor safe can facilitate provisional credit into retailers' bank accounts before the cash is physically removed from the premises, removing cash flow concerns as a factor when scheduling armored car services.

At Armor Safe Technologies, we're solely-focused on making great safes that either count or dispense money. Through this singular passion and through working closely with our customers to understand and respond to their needs, we've developed one of the broadest ranges of smart safes in the industry.

We've developed products specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses handling only a few hundred dollars a day in cash and on the other end of the spectrum, our products are widely used in very high volume locations including most of the leading casinos in Las Vegas.

Our cash-management experts can help you evaluate your current processes and needs and see if an Armor safe would improve your business. We're looking to partner with you to solve your cash management issues and help you grow your business over the long-haul. We're not just looking to sell you a safe. If for some reason our products aren't a good fit for your business, we'll be the first to tell you and may be able to point you in the right direction.

There are a few factors you should consider when determining how many bill validators you need.

  • Capacity - Each bill validator is equipped with either a 1200-note cassette or a 2200-note cassette. Adding Additional bill validators to your system also adds cassettes and expands your safe's total capacity.
  • Redundancy - The bill validators are the hardest working components in your Armor safe. We've integrated the most reliable bill validators available, but even the best bill validators may require maintenance eventually. Having 2 or more bill validators gives you built in redundancy and makes it less disruptive to your business should service be required on one of the bill validators.
  • Acceptance rate - Our bill validators have a fast acceptance rate of less than 2 seconds per bill, but having multiple bill validators allows you to deposit notes into the safe more quickly. With a single-note validator, you can alternate your deposit between the available bill validators. With more than one bulk-note validator, you can split your deposit between the available bill validators to get the notes into the safe much faster than would be possible with an equal number of single-note bill validators.

Both cassette sizes perform similarly, so this is simply a question of capacity and planning for your future needs.

  • Capacity - While you can probably quickly point to your total cash sales for any given day, you may not often consider the cash payments you receive in terms of the number of bills. This can make it difficult to know what size cassette to get. It would be helpful to briefly track the denomination makeup of your cash deposits. This information will assist you in ensuring you purchase an Armor safe with enough capacity. If your business accepts a lot of small denomination notes, a 1200-note cassette can quickly fill up.
  • Future-proof - How might your cash deposits change going forward? If you're making daily deposits now and planning your capacity accordingly, might you ever reduce the frequency of your deposits?

Both validators are excellent components. In many cases, there are significant advantages of using bulk-note bill validators, but the single-note bill validator outperform the bulk-note validators in a few areas as well.

Bulk-note validator advantages:

  • Hands-free - The bulk-note validator includes a deposit tray that allows you to stack up to 30 notes at a time. The bills are then automatically accepted note-by-note into the safe. With a single-note validator, you'll need to present each note one bill at a time.
  • Acceptance rate - Both bill validators accept notes quickly compared to alternative bill validators and have an incredibly high 98% or greater first time acceptance rate. But using the bulk-note bill validator results in a 35% processing speed improvement when compared to the single-note bill validator (1.5 seconds versus 2.3 seconds per bill).

Single-note validator advantages:

  • Affordability - The single-note bill validators have less moving parts, resulting in a lower cost.
  • Jam rate - The single-note bill validators also have a shorter bill path, resulting in an exceptionally low jam rate. In fact, the single-note validator has the lowest jam rate in the industry, ensuring market-leading uptime results.

Our safes are designed to be completely modular, making it possible to combine single-note and bulk-note validators during the configuration of your safe.