The CacheSYSTEM® 7000 Series provides the ultimate level of cash control by limiting cash exposure and providing seamless accounting between the POS and your bank. It offers the combined benefits of cash-counting and bill validation with change-fund management and an audit trail of all transactions.

CacheSYSTEM 7000 Series Safes:

  • Collect and Secure Cash: Once your cash is placed in an Armor safe, you can rest assured it will stay there. Our products are designed and constructed to rigorous standards to protect each point of access and reduce your risk of robbery.

  • Count and Validate Funds: Each safe is equipped with casino-quality bill validators that provide the highest level of first-time bill acceptance and unsurpassed counterfeit detection. Counted funds are secured in cassettes for easy transport and deposit. This series may be fitted with up to four validators.

  • Dispense Change: Our vending magazine is simple to load and count. The inner view provides a visual count of inventory, eliminating reliance on a dipstick.

  • Audit and Report Activity: Every transaction is recorded and tracked through each user's personal identification number (PIN), providing a seamless audit trail. More than 30 different types of receipts and reports can be printed on the system's high-speed printer, including end-of-day activity, cash removal and individual user reports.

CacheSYSTEM 7300

Shown equipped with 2 single-note bill validators

CacheSYSTEM 7100

Shown equipped with 2 single-note bill validators

CacheSYSTEM 7900W

Shown equipped with 3 single-note bill validators

CacheSYSTEM 7000 Comparison

Collect and secure cash
Count and validate funds
Audit and report all user activity
Ready to integrate
Manage Change Fund
Maximum tube capacity96120120
Maximum number of bill validators224
Can be configured with single-note
or bulk-note bill validators
Can be configured with
1200-note cassettes
Can be configured with
2200-note cassettes
Bill Heads Are Removable
Without Opening The Main Door

Note: If you're satisfied with your existing solution for your change fund but still would like an Armor safe that can help you manage your cash deposits, please see our CacheSYSTEM 2400 Series safes.