You may have a trendy boutique, a small organic food store or even a shop selling video games and accessories; all of these are specialty stores.

One problem faced by specialty retail stores trying to improve their cash management processes is that no one solution fits all situations. There can be significant differences between the volume of cash received from one store to the next. A store in New York's Times Square may handle more than twenty times as much cash as other stores in the chain. Trying to apply the same cash management solution in both environments would be like a clothing store offering only men's suits in 42R or women's wear in size 8. Whether a retailer handles as little as a few hundred dollars a day, or more than one hundred thousand dollars a day, every dollar needs to be systematically counted, tracked and managed.

Armor has worked hard to make the management of cash scalable. Our Bi-Comm 2.0 interface is a real time reporting protocol that is standard across all of our CacheSYSTEM and CacheNET products. With our innovative approach, retailers only need to integrate with one platform and they can use any size of Armor safe, allowing them the flexibility to meet the needs of their low-volume and high-volume locations.

The Armor approach was designed with the merchant in mind. The Armor safe product line allows specialty retailers to tailor a solution that is perfect for each of their locations, regardless of cash volume.