The Colony, TX, 1st of October, 2002: Larry Robinson, president of Armor Safe Technologies, has acquired Armor's CacheSYSTEM product line from its parent company, Phelps-Tointon, Inc. of Greeley, Colorado, effective October 1st, 2002. With the acquisition, Robinson moved the company's operations from Vista, California to Dallas, Texas.

Robinson said that Armor will now be focused entirely on its CacheSYSTEM safe product line. The company previously also provided enclosures for the ATM industry. That business has been absorbed by Southern Steel, Inc., another Phelps-Tointon company and the manufacturer of Armor’s equipment.

“It was my plan to acquire Armor when I joined the organization three years ago,” said Robinson, who has more than 20 years experience in the convenience store and cash control safe business. The company’s products are robust, our technology is progressing on schedule and our customer base is continuously growing, so the timing couldn’t be better."

“We are excited about this new phase in Armor’s life as a company and look forward to continuing to offer our customers superior cash control safe equipment and top notch service,” Robinson said.

Based in Dallas, Armor Safe Technologies provides a line of cash management safes and related software that give cash intensive businesses better control of money, help reduce cash pilferage by increasing employee accountability and provide greater employee security.