Total recall.

19x the memory. 1x the price.

Now Armor safes store 188,000 recorded events in memory — more than a year of history for most retailers. 

3x the record types.

Taking advantage of the vastly improved memory, we now capture 3x the number of record types to give you a clearer picture of past transactions should you ever need to conduct an audit.

Powerful reports.

Armor safes do far more than just count your cash. We offer more than 30 reports and receipts, all to make managing your cash easier than ever.

Everything tracked by user.

Every transaction is recorded and tracked through each user's personal identification number (PIN), providing a seamless audit trail and individual accountability.

Tailored to YOUR business.

Highly configurable.

Every business is different. Your smart safe should adapt to your business, not the other way around. We built unparalleled flexibility into our platform to meet the needs of our diverse retail customers. Almost every aspect of how the safe integrates with your business is configurable.

10 privilege classes.

We make it easy to give your users different privileges. Your managers should have different privileges than your cashiers. This makes it much easier to hire or promote employees — just select a privilege class for them and they'll automatically adopt the set of privileges you intend.