Normal is underrated.

How great is it when all of your critical business systems are just working like normal?

We designed every aspect of our CacheSYSTEM family of safes with one primary aim in mind — reliability. We have a deep background in retail and understand how important it is for everything to just work, whether it's 3:00AM or you're in the middle of your busiest rush.

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Forward thinking. Backward compatibility.


Our revolutionary and flexible Rapid Repair Drawer design, initially implemented more than a decade ago, is still paying dividends for existing Armor customers today. Most Armor customers' safes can be easily upgraded at much lower cost than replacing their entire safe. A simple, low-cost upgrade of the electronics in the Rapid Repair Drawer lets existing Armor safe customers take advantage of our latest and greatest technology while preserving much of their initial investment. 


Meet the 600 board.


At the heart of every Armor CacheSYSTEM safe is a sophisticated and robust embedded controller designed from the ground up by Armor's team of engineers. In addition to laying out the board, our engineers also wrote all of the application code running on the 600 board, giving us an unparalleled level of nimbleness and flexibility.

We spent several years and more than a million dollars developing the 600 board and it shows. While using a general-purpose operating system would have been easier, developing our own architecture ultimately gives us an extraordinary degree of control over every aspect of our safe's functionality and gives our customers a better experience.

Benefits include:

  • Simple software updates & maintenance: Our software can be updated in minutes either locally or remotely. Our customers don't have to hassle with operating system updates, patching operating system vulnerabilities, or running antivirus software.

  • Low power consumption: Our safes use very little power and generate very little heat, saving energy and making cooling fans unnecessary.

  • No hard drives: There are two types of hard drives — those that have already failed and those that will. Without the overhead of a general-purpose operating system, our 600 board is very efficient at storing and accessing data. We use flash storage, making a traditional error-prone computer hard drive completely unnecessary, resulting in higher reliability and longer life.

  • Lower up-front cost: Our embedded controller and user interface components are considerably less expensive than the hardware required when adopting a general purpose operating system, savings we pass on to our customers.

  • Lower total cost of ownership: Not only does our 600 Board make the safe less expensive to purchase initially, but customers reap ongoing rewards in the form of fewer service interventions and lower-cost replacement components should they ever need them.


Highly liquid-resistant keypad and display.

We don't recommend making a habit of it, but spritz happens. Our current keypad was designed to withstand liquid spills. Until CPI makes a waterproof bill validator for us someday, we don't recommend hosing down your Armor safe, but we've shipped thousands of safes with this generation of keypad and haven't had our first keypad failure yet.

Intuitive user interface.

Our switch membrane keypad was designed to be not only highly reliable, but also incredibly intuitive. The high-contrast backlit LCD display is easy to read in any lighting, from direct sunlight to total darkness.

The bank of Function Keys provides one-touch access to the most common functions. Users can be completely trained in a matter of minutes.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Simple repairs with simple tools.

Rapid Repair Drawer

In the late 1990s, we led the way with our innovative Rapid Repair Drawer (RRD) design, housing all of our electronics within a sliding drawer secured from within the safe. The RRD allows every component to be serviced from the front of the safe. There's no need to unbolt the safe from the floor and slide it out to access hard-to-reach areas.

Modular design

Most components can be replaced by customers themselves without tools in seconds, expediting repairs and keeping service costs low.

A safer safe.

Grade 80 steel

We find the trend towards thinner and less secure smart safes troubling. Our CacheSYSTEM safes use premium grade 80 steel. The steel in our safe is more than 60% stronger than the cheaper mild steel typically used in safes today. We never compromise on the security of our enclosure.

Grade 80 SteelMild Steel
90 ksi55 ksi

Additional security features

  • 12" Grade 80 steel plate self-locking vault door with adjustable hinges
  • Three 1-inch chrome-plated locking bolts protected by a drill-resistant hard plate and a spring-loaded re-locker
  • Interlocking back flange to neutralize the threat of hinge attacks
  • Four holes pre-drilled on the bottom of the safe for anchoring the safe to the floor