Our deposits are taking 10 minutes to prepare instead of 3 hours!
— Jason Jusko, Owner of Fun Stations Inc. in Florida

We want to run our business in a way that tells a potential robber, ‘This isn’t going to be easy’. Our CacheSYSTEM® safe tells robbers and employees that we take this cash management business very seriously.
— Frank Hutchins, General Manager of Linmar Petroleum in California

We use Armor’s cash control safes to handle more than $280,000 per month. The safe has paid for itself in only a year. When someone steals a Snickers bar, it’s no big deal. When someone steals $50 or $100 a day, it adds up. Before installing the safe, we had people stealing up to $1,000 a month. The safe has drastically reduced that number. We even caught employees stealing the very first day we had the safe.
— Rex Majors, Vice President of Tejano Marts in Texas

We have been using Armor’s cash control safes for several years. The accuracy is what we expected – 100%. We have had so few service calls that I can’t really remember the last one. They were all incidental in nature. I must clearly impress on any new user that we do not count our deposits. We balance our shift reports and prepare a deposit slip before any money is removed from the safe. The amount indicated on the end of day report equals the amount of our shift reports. We also use our safe to verify $100 and $50 bills. If the safe doesn’t accept them, neither do we.

The bookmark feature allows me to go as long as I choose before removing each day’s money. I would be happy to demonstrate our safe or talk to any prospective buyer. And, no, Armor didn’t pay me to say this!
— Sharon Kashmere, Owner Operator of Creekside Texaco in California

We have been extremely pleased with the sales of Armor’s CacheSYSTEM® cash control safes. Our customers praise the system’s reliability, dependability, durability and the support they receive from Armor.

The most impressive feature is the ability to tailor the safe’s hardware and software to each user’s retailing needs. This unique advantage is leading the industry. Your flexible software allows large and small operators to purchase a system that is aligned with their operation. The technology will accommodate a simple one-store operation or a large, sophisticated retailer.
— Don Ealy, Vice President of Advanced Fixtures, Incorporated in Texas

We selected Armor Safe because we needed a system where money was handled less, and there was less chance of mistakes being made. With the time and lost revenue from employee theft that we’ve regained after installing Armor equipment, the savings is there. Our main goal is to keep our employees safe and to have the least amount of cash on hand and still be able to operate.
— Dennis Wright, Director of Operations of Quik-Way Group in Texas

After installing Armor safes in my stores, I began to see a difference in labor savings almost immediately. Since managers had more time to run the stores, I could reduce personnel. That savings helped pay for the safes in less than a year.
— John Babb, President of J&S Oil in Maine