Track everything by user.

Cashiers feed currency into casino-quality bill acceptors and the notes are verified by denomination and immediately stored in the safe. From the moment the customer pays until the cash is deposited in the safe, each employee is solely responsible for the money they alone handle.

World-class counterfeit detection.

Armor's smart safes integrate the best bill validator technology available, not only to to ensure reliability and accuracy, but also to provide the greatest protection against counterfeit bills possible. By deploying an Armor safe near the point of sale, cashiers can use their Armor safe to immediately validate large notes received from their customers. The technology used in our safes is vastly superior to relying on UV lights or counterfeit pens. Our solution is so accurate that many banks and armored car companies will guarantee the value counted by our safes, protecting their customers from the risk of discrepancies.

Eliminate internal cash shrinkage.

Securing cash is perhaps the most important function of an Armor safe. We designed our safes with numerous security features to protect your cash from both external theft and internal theft. 

Retailers typically lose as much as 5% of their annual revenue to employee theft, 40% of which targets cash.
Scott Daniels