Provisional credit

Since each interaction with the safe is electronically recorded, the data can also be securely transmitted in real-time to key stakeholders for enterprise-wide financial reporting.

Participating banks and armored car service providers can receive a view of the data tailored specifically for them, allowing them to offer services to their customers never before possible.

Banks can provide their retail clients with same-day provisional credit for the money in Armor’s safes before the cash is physically removed and transported to the bank.

Say goodbye to the dangerous practice of carrying big bags of money to your bank's night deposit box after closing.

BiComm 2.0

Introduced in the late 1990s, our original BiComm specification enabled real-time communication between Armor's CacheSYSTEM safes and our early partners. With BiComm 2.0, we redesigned BiComm from the ground up to be more powerful and efficient than ever, empowering our partners to extend the functionality of Armor safes further than ever before.