Every time users log in, their interactions are electronically recorded and stored in memory. More than 30 reports are available to provide powerful insights during an investigation if needed, but day-in and day-out, the most important information is effortlessly available.


No more counting & recounting.

Armor's smart safes provide real-time visibility of your cash deposits, presenting the information in a number of ways.

Easily see all activity by:

  • business day
  • shift
  • user
  • transaction type
  • cash removal
  • and more
Our deposits are taking 10 minutes to prepare instead of 3 hours!
— Jason Jusko, Owner of Fun Stations Inc. in Florida

Simplify cashier shift checkouts.

The traditional cash till closeout process is often stressful and time consuming. Armor safes automatically maintain a perfect count of cash deposited by cashier, ready to be printed at a moment's notice. The reliability of our high-quality MEI validators ensures that the printed totals are error free.

Load in minutes. Dispense all day.

With Armor's CacheSYSTEM 7000 Series safes, a manager or other authorized personnel can load a change fund of coins and rolled currency into the safe to provide all employees secure, interruption-free access to change throughout day.

Fast ROI

Most cash-accepting businesses can expect to receive a return on their investment in 6 months or less.